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3 Days Hangzhou & Wuzhen Tour

The most beautiful and magnificent city & ancient town

Welcome To the Heaven on Earth

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and its political, economic and cultural center. With enchanting natural beauty and abundant cultural heritages, the city is known as 'the Heaven on Earth' and one of China's most important tourist venues.

Located 80 kilometers northwest to Hangzhou, Wuzhen is a water town with a history of more than 1300 years. From the bridges, canals and water chambers, almost everything there has stories about the past.

  • Cruise on Hangzhou's magnificent West Lake;
  • Traditional Chinese tea ceremony at Meijiawu Tea Village;
  • Visit the Six Harmonies Pagoda(Liuhe Pagoda);
  • Walk through the Su Causeway and view fish in Flower Harbor;
  • Move far away from the chaos of the city and explore this quiet town, Wuzhen.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Hangzhou

Gather in Shanghai center early morning, and bus transfer to Hangzhou (3 hours)

After a long ride, do a light body stretch by climbing the Baoshi Mountain, a small hill covered by trees alongside the West Lake. Do a bird-eye-view from the peak of the mountain and visit the historical Baochu Pagoda which was first built in year 968 AD.

After lunch, drive to the Temple of Soul's Retreat (Linyin Si). Sheltered by forested hills on three sides, it is one of the largest and most visited Buddhist temples in China which holds the largest statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni in the lotus position.

Drive back to the lake and enjoy a free walk on the famous Su Causeway (2.8 KM long), where you will be amazed by the picturesque view of the lake and the mountain on the sides.

After dinner, watch a modern show-"Impression West Lake"on the lake, which will tell you a touching historic story of the Lake. (Optional)

Day 2: Hangzhou / Wuzhen

After the breakfast, have a morning walking tour in the "Nine Greeks and Eighteen Gullies". It features waters and wooded hills, and remains as natural as ever.

Then have lunch in Wu Jia Mei village, where is famous for its green tea. Visit the tea workshop to see how the tea is made and enjoy a tea ceremony.

Free afternoon activities at Hefang Street and the Wushan Plaza, where you can find lots of small local shops to buy your souvenir.

Then bus to Wuzhen, one of the 4 famous ancient water towns in China. (1 hour)

Enjoy an evening boat tour in Wuzhen and have dinner.

Day 3: Wuzhen / Shanghai

Visit the Water Market, Wedding Museum, Ancient Bed Museum, and watch a Shadow play.

After lunch, free activities.

Bus goes back to Shanghai at 4pm

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